6th SEPTEMBER 2013

Narration by John Hurt

If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would have four years left to live...

Beautifully filmed & directed by Markus Imhoof, MORE THAN HONEY is the provocative yet touching tale of what may happen if bees become extinct, featuring a brand new narration from legendary actor John Hurt

What People Say...

“This is more than a film about honey. This beautiful, tender film should change the way we perceive honeybees forever.” Ella Pawlik, Word of Difference

More Than Honey is free from polemics, but it is an alarming call to action. If you don't become involved in an organized campaign to protect honey bees, you will, at least, never again swat at one of them with the intent to kill. This documentary is fascinating. It's a must see. Jennifer Merin,

The bee documentary “More Than Honey” is filled with gorgeous cinematography and fascinating details about bees’ complex behavior and anatomy Michael O’Sullivan, washington post

More Than Honey takes in all the things hurting bees - overbreeding, pesticides, farming practices that upset their life cycles. By the time we see Chinese workers slowly and painfully pollinate trees by hand, unable to perform a fraction of one hive’s work, it’s clear that Imhoof is issuing a warning. Without any preachiness, this magically beautiful film urges us to take better care of the bees, and honor the irreplaceable things that they do for us. Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post

More Than Honey is a delightful, informative, and suitably contemplative study of the bee world and the bee-population crisis, though in the end it does offer enough dewdrops of hope to fill up a bluebell or two. Stephanie Zacharek, The Village Voice

Imhoof grew up in a beekeeping family, and his love and respect for the critters is evident throughout; he somehow manages to shoot them in flight as if they were soaring eagles, complete with stunning footage of a mid-air mating session. Views from within the hive are equally impressive, as today’s micro-cameras allow for up close, personal angles that would have been impossible a generation ago. Mike D'Angelo, The A.V. Club

Powerful, beautiful and tragic, More than Honey demonstrates the global nature of the problem, and in doing so captures everything from the awe inspiring emergence of the queen, to the death of a colony. Ian Sadler, Eureka Entertainment

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